American Juggalo(Biography)

When our ever-watchful alien overlords finally make themselves known to this dying, overpopulated, raped, polluted, disintegrating, fragile, unappreciated, exploited, hostile, yet still-ravishing planet, there is but one piece of footage which they need be shown to make them understand why...to make them understand why we never stood a chance, why their experiment could never have actually been successful.

Not the infamous, horrid footage of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Not reels documenting the bloated bellies and fly-festooned gazes of malnourished children in second- and third-world nations, juxtaposed against nauseating clips of Western cultures committing mass suicide with their slothful, rapacious, avaricious, vulgar existences characterized by excess, indulgence, and gluttony.

Not any random episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras".

Nothing but this.

Twenty-three minutes of "American Juggalo".

We never stood a chance.

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