Breaking the Bank(Economics)

Another insightful documentary from PBS's Frontline series on the 2008 banking crisis in America, this time from the perspective of the Bank of America's buy-out of Merrill Lynch.

For a short time in Sept 2008, this merger was seen as a possible solution to the inevitable slide faced by the financial sector as a whole, yet the fates of both Merrill Lynch chairman John Thain and B of A chairman Ken Lewis held a different story. Heavily burdened with "toxic" debt, precariously perched on the edge of a negatively-charged trading binge, and finally, effectively nationalized by an unsympathetic US treasury department under Hank Paulson, the story of these two megalithic institutions is but one narrative in the emerging history still playing itself out in world markets.

(Extended interviews and video clips included thanks to PBS.org)

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