Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Game (2010)(Art)

Back in the day, before there were icons to click, and internets to query for answers, there was a golden age of simple fonts on black screens, when literature, not the visual graphic, was king.

Whether it's solving the "Babel Fish" problem, or merely ">Kill dwarf >Get sword", this is THE documentary that explores the captivating world of text-based adventures, from how they all originated in a cave, to the way they hypnotized millions, to their eventual decline at the hands of graphical prejudice, and onto their potential for rebirth.

Given what the film suggests, we here at Altdoc can't help thinking--especially in this new age of "Kindle" and hand-held communication devices--that a resurgence is imminent. Really? Text-based adventure games? you ask. Can they really make a comeback? We say to you...very possibly. It is after all, rather difficult to deny the enthusiasm emanating from each of the people interviewed while they eagerly discuss the many facets which make interactive text-based worlds fascinating, unique, powerful, educational and often, obsessively addictive.

Filmed at a Google Talk on Mar 10, 2011, documentary maker Jason Scott, famed for his dedication to outdated technologies, presents the film to an eager live audience, and sticks around to answer questions after it's done.

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