The Death of Yugoslavia (1995)(History)

The phrase "Never again" has often been touted by the United Nations as a slogan symbolizing the global community's collective will to stand together and prevent anything like the atrocities of WWII from happening again. The only problem with this slogan is that it is, for the most part, only rhetorical in nature, without the requisite global willpower to back it up by force when necessary.

This fact is evident throughout this superb BBC documentary, which details the rise of nationalism in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990's, eventually giving way to yet another phrase, also doomed to become familiar to an often overcautious, though doubtlessly well-intentioned global community: "ethnic cleansing".

Part 1 - Enter Nationalism

Part 2 - The Road To War

Part 3 - Wars of Independence

Part 4 - The Gates of Hell

Part 5 - A Safe Area

Part 6 - Pax Americana

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