Helvetica (2007)(Art)

The only thing more surprising than the existence of an actual documentary celebrating a particular font style is the fact that its main hero is not the erudite, debonair, trustworthy scholar Times New Roman.

Just when we thought "Wordplay"--a doc profiling the New York Times crossword--had successfully taken a largely-overlooked aspect of the printed word and transformed it into a subject worthy of major consideration and respect, "Helvetica" abruptly surfaced in our lives and reminded us that no aspect of typography should ever go unceremonialized in film. Fonts, after all, are elements of design that change our thinking and points of view without us being overly conscious of it; influential, persuasive, and stealthy, if fonts were capable of committing a crime, it would be nothing less than espionage.

If you are struck by moments of despondency and desperation in which you believe all human life forms are embarrassing, violent, thick-footed hucksters and fools at the best of times (and those moments, we concede, are now appearing in greater quantity and with more frequency than ever before), allow yourself another few moments to cherish the few tasks that we have actually done right during our hapless tenure on Earth, such as invent rock and roll and appreciate the importance of a good font.

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