Food Inc.(Health)

If you are saddened by images of overloaded cattle pens, or angered by hog producers who are so ashamed of the way they raise their livestock that they won't let cameras onto their farms. If the site of endless cornfields brings a tear to your eye when you think of all the other crops that could be growing there. Or, if you would like to remain ignorant of all the ways that glucose can be sold in a supermarket and how the shape of a potatoe can dictate the rise and fall of stock prices, then Food Inc. is not the documenatary you should be watching.

However, if you would like to be conscious of how our modern western populations are being tricked into diets that depend on the exploitation of workers, animals and farmlands alike. If you give a damn that petroleum is more important to governments than the health of the populations who vote them into power, and most importantly, if you care to hear about the simple ways that all this can change, if only we are educated about what we consume and how it affects the world around us, then this is the documentary for you.
For more information see: takepart.com/foodinc

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