Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany (2009)(Art)

"Almost pathologically obsessed with German electronic music" might be an accurate and objective description of at least one of us here at AltDoc. That's why the discovery of this film was such a delight. Whether or not such a timeless, endless genre appeals to you, any fan of music will appreciate learning about the origins and development of a sonic style that has influenced and helped sculpt the sound of far less imaginative and progressive popular music (exemplified by Lady Gaga with her derivative schtick that can be regarded, at the best of times, as a very lucrative and commercially successful business plan).

The connection between the defeated, disastrous atmosphere of postwar Germany and the evolution of what we now call techno is one that hasn't really been explored in the scribblings of many an infuriating, allegedly omniscient music critic, but luckily, this doc does it for us in a crisp, straightforward, and enthusiastic manner. (While watching the footage and interviews chronicling the steady chrysalis of electronica, one gets the sense that the overrated hippie brouhaha smelling up North America at the time was embarrassingly passe to these geniuses.)

Yes, at least one of us here at AltDoc is a wee bit biased.

An enjoyable watch for music aficionados, history buffs, and--with all due respect--krautophiles. Good old Germany!

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