The Making of \(Art)

Some of us here at AltDoc (along with many millions of people) believe that "The Shining" is one of the best horror movies ever made, and that Stanley Kubrick was one of the finest filmmakers / visionaries in the history of cinema. The fact that he won only a single Academy Award (Best Special Effects) for his brain-boggling film "2001: A Space Odyssey" goes to plainly show how the awards themselves are devoid of meaning, and how the entire Hollywood industry is farcically, howlingly unacquainted with film-making as a legitimate art form (rather than as, say, a currency generator catering to the lowest common denominator).

This short but thoroughly enjoyable documentary filmed by Stanley Kubrick's daughter, Vivian, gives fans of "The Shining" a satisfying look at the making of the movie, at the actors involved in the process, and of course, at Kubrick himself; it is somehow surprising to observe him in action as he was: a red-blooded, human, brilliant, creative visual storyteller regarded by many as an unparalleled cinematic deity. His legendary meticulousness and tenacity, evident here, were chief reasons for his ability to turn out such stunning cinematic masterpieces.

An interesting moment occurs in the short yet emotional interview with Scatman Crothers near the beginning of the film, where we see the seasoned entertainer clearly moved by the amount of soul and exceptional talent that was infused into every moment of this frightening tour de force; his respect for Kubrick's work ethic and professionalism is touching. In addition, we can also understand how and why Kubrick became annoyed with the oddly-cast-but-not-miscast Shelley Duvall during filming (there are glimpses of this throughout the doc), who appears to possess the intellectual capacity of a cricket.

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