Manufacturing Consent (1992)(Politics)

Chomsky, where are you?

Nearly twenty years after its release, this classic (which apparently was the highest-grossing doc in Canada until "The Corporation" came along) resonates with an astonishing relevancy in this day and age of media absurdity. Noam Chomsky--an intellectual and anarchist so far ahead of his time, people are still choking on his dust--clearly and logically takes us through his longstanding belief that society is, in large part, shaped by the forces of propaganda that are prevalent in all media.

Perhaps the most dated element of this biopic is the noticeable absence of the internet, which was a few years shy of becoming the world's favourite medium when this movie was being produced. It would be fantastic if a sequel were made, consisting of nothing more than Chomsky's characteristically brilliant narratives and theses on how the internet has helped and / or hindered the way the public receives and processes information. This film is compulsory watching for anyone who has always maintained that there is something drastically wrong with the way information is disseminated and distributed in print and on celluloid.

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