No Impact Man (2009)(Biography)

What happens when a single individual decides to go without the majority of civilization's perceived conveniences, such as plastic or gasoline-powered transportation? Well, for the most part, he gets ridiculed, patronized, and generally passed off as some kind of poser who is only in it for the notoriety. However, while researching his 2006 publication "No Impact Man", that's exactly what Author Colin Beavan did.

You can judge him as you will, but no matter what is said about him, he actually did it for an entire year and learned a great deal from his experience, just as I'm sure anyone who watches this movie will learn too: that it's not about the success nor failure of the experiment, but that the attempt is made; and that it's not about the impact that one man, or one family has on the earth, but it's the actions of all of humanity that really, truly matter in the end.

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