Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (1999)(Biography)

Back in 1995, 22-year-old Grace Quek, the university-attending, happy-go-lucky only child of two Singaporean immigrants, changed her name to Annabel Chong and decided to star in what was deemed "The World's Biggest Gangbang" only a short time after entering the pornography industry.

Not so much tawdry as confounding and engrossing, this documentary allows us to experience a year in the life of Chong's goings-on while still never really helping us achieve a true comprehension of why she made the decisions she made; perhaps Chong's explanations are too simple, too superficial, thus leaving the viewer with the sense that there are blanks which haven't been properly filled by the filmmaker. Indeed, this movie is riddled with loose ends and unresolved conflicts (most of which occur within Chong herself), but it is still a fairly unsettling look at how even the brightest, most self-aware young woman can willingly and enthusiastically allow herself to be dehumanized on-camera, provoking us to reconsider gender roles within the complicated and fluctuating paradigms of human sexuality. It should be noted that, given the subject matter, there are naturally and unavoidably some raunchy clips in this film. "Not Safe For Work" is a laughable understatement.

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