Kurt & Courtney (1998)(Art)

Kurt Cobain's career success was due largely to timing: his unpretentious brand of garage rock infiltrated popular music at a time when it was almost desperately needed. While "hair metal" was enjoying its dominating presence in popular culture, apparently the youth weren't getting their fill of lyrics about alienation, anger, and apathy. The circumstances surrounding Cobain's death, however, have almost surpassed his creative output in terms of his legacy. In this documentary, Nick Broomfield interviews a series of sketchy Seattle characters, most of whom were somehow involved in Kurt Cobain's life and most of whom heavily imply that Cobain 's wife, the fearless Courtney Love, was somehow connected to his alleged suicide.

By the end of the movie you're still not sure who or what to believe, but you'll definitely think Courtney Love's father is one of the most heinous human beings to ever disgrace an otherwise fine planet.

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