Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007)(Politics)

Here it is: good old "Zeitgeist". You have to admit, no matter your politics or religion, this is one spellbinding watch.

While we at Altdoc strive to dodge propaganda unless actively and intentionally addressing something as such, there is no way we could call ourselves a documentary site and omit this classic. Indeed, some call it over-the-top New Age propaganda (though the term "New Age" seems hopelessly dated, now that we think about it, which officially renders us harrumphing old geezers); we just call it a seriously good watch. Relax, grab a leftover turkey leg, lie back, and allow "Zeitgeist" to unlock parts of your brain you haven't accessed since Farmville entered your life.

People either love "Zeitgeist" or hate it, though we're pretty sure there's a few out there who just plain like it. Get very comfortable, though, because no matter your response to this lengthy film, you really will be riveted, finding the thought of pausing it for even a moment to get up and relieve yourself rather unbearable. A nearby bedpan should suffice. A word of warning: should you choose to smoke pot before watching this documentary, be prepared for the imminent alienating-of-the-friends scenario that often follows fevered rantings about having finally discovered "the truth" after viewing this flick.

added by: nadya