Free to Choose:  The Power of the Market  (1980)(Economics)

A documentary series from back in the heyday of Television Broadcasting called "Free to Choose", explores the concepts of Chicago's Nobel winning economics professor. In this episodic journey through twentieth century economic history, Milton Friedman presents his "personal statement" regarding how free trade policies, and laisse faire government oversite helps to raise people out of poverty, and stimulate human creativity and innovation.

In a fascinating twist of live broadcasting genius, a short debate follows each episode. Watch as an audience gathers in the university of Chicago's library to watch leading intillectuals of the day engage in personal debate with Friedmen himself...

Episode 1: The Power of the Market - in which Friedman lays down some basic foundations of his concepts and presents a selection of real world examples including Hong Kong's total lack of central administration, and his mother, who came to America in order to sew and made a life for her family.

Episode 2: The Tyranny of Control - where a young Donald Rumsfeld tries to comprehend Fiedman's multi-lateral approach to international law, and in a moment of somewhat accurate global prognostication, another guest interjects "I totally disagree [Proffessor Friedman], you would wind up like in the movie 'Rollerball', where corporations carved out their spheres of economic influence throughout the world, and controlled everyting".

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