Fear of God: The Making of \(Biography)

Horror, the second-favourite film genre of this Altdoc-er (after documentaries, natch), is much different from what comprises "scary movies" nowadays. Gory, disgusting, perverted scenes consisting of violent, stomach-turning murders or fatalities, often punctuated by obnoxiously overwrought scores, is not horror.

Go watch "Saw", and its seven (eight? nine?) sequels. Enjoy "Hostel". You're not someone I know, or particularly want to. I'll be here with "The Shining" (scariest movie of all time), "Hallowe'en", and "The Exorcist".

Note: Some flexibility must be allowed here in the case of "The Human Centipede" and its sequel: the first, for sheer originality and horror in the classic sense. Its follow-up, for essentially burlesquing the gratuity found in most "scary" movies.

I wasn't aware there was a behind-the-scenes documentary of this timeless, altogether terrifying film, but there is--a rather brief one created by the BBC for the movie's 25th anniversary. It necessitates an inclusion on AltDoc as, at the very least, a tribute to piece of filmmaking that deserves the highest respect. While "The Shining" was astoundingly, almost alarmingly intricate in its methods to horrify, "The Exorcist" is one of those rare jewels of horror filmmaking that never really used a soundtrack or score to enhance its scenes (or exploit them); the acting, special effects, direction, and story carry the show entirely on their own, unaided by music. The starkness, then, of its pacing and progression is thus amplified by...

What am I doing? This isn't "The Exorcist", it's the short documentary about it. A few key tidbits are revealed that would delight any fan, but not too much, and not too deeply. The most amazing and amusing element of this doc is William "Billy" Friedkin himself, the director, who must have been one intense son-of-a-gun to work with back in 1973, and hasn't lost his eloquence, charisma, or pomposity. All well-earned. The banter between him and William Peter Blatty, the author of the original novel, is especially entertaining.

Worth a definite watch.

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