Millau Sky Bridge(Science)

Many of us with fears--and we must immediately interject that the expression "irrational fear" is actually a dismissive, reductive means of instilling guilt in the person who possesses the fear, despite the fact that virtually every human on earth can 'fess up to at least one--are often plagued by recurring nightmares in which the thing we are most afraid of insists on making a cameo appearance no matter what the theme or storyline of our dream. Since childhood, this particular Altdoc-er has been tortured by nighttime appearances of a full-70's-makeup-wearing Gene Simmons (never mind him actually being one of the weakest, most loathsome humans alive), Michael Myers, blue whales, and bridges.

We had no idea that the Millau Sky Bridge existed until we accidentally bumped into this documentary, and it is absolutely everything that we have dreaded and tried to avoid; it is precisely the sort of soul-melting structure that has regularly featured in our unconscious and subconscious. Nothing could have prepared us for the existence of a structure so haunting, so massive, and so entirely horrible. The first few moments of this documentary took our breath away; it was as though someone had shoved a documentary crew into our brain and recorded the source of our many psychological shortcomings without our knowledge.

One of the only redeeming qualities of this documentary is the cheerful British crew responsible for its production, lending it a very upbeat tone throughout its unspeakably horrifying content. Perspective, as always, alters the way the viewer receives the subject matter--a creeping, atmospheric Kubrickian approach, replete with scores by György Ligeti and Béla Bartók, could have easily been implemented here, but mercifully, the crew has scrapped this option in favour of a celebratory point of view exalting the bridge's apparently genius engineers.

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