Life and Debt(Economics)

An excellent film concerning the devastating impacts of international trade policies imposed on Jamaica's independence by the International Monetary Fund, an organization set up to stabalize the world economy following the Second World War, but with little, or no capacity to help emerging economies develop in the post colonial period. Told through a series of intimate statements by former president Michael Manley (1972–1980, 1989–1992) and set against a running narrative describing the joys of tourists vacationing in idyllic island scenery, the film outlines how foreign powers are able to destroy long standing domestic industries through a combination of repressive fiscal demands, and the ruthless exploitation of individuals living in poverty.

"If you ask me, who is behind these policies, I will ask you 'Who Wrote them?'... And to this day, the crisis of the UN, if you want to know, is the continuing demand of the so called Third world for a voice in international IMF policies, so that they become sensitive to our interests..." ~ Michael Manley

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