The Intelligence War(History)

In Afghanistan, "Instead of eliminating Al Queida, the United states had pushed the organization out of reach. This was to cause serious problems later on. Osama Bin Laden had taken on the greatest military force on earth, and had survived to tell the tale. In his own words,

Faith triumphed over the materialistic forces of the people of evil."

And later on... "Far from neutralizing Al Queida, the invasion of Iraq invigorated it. It began a process which Bin Laden would never have been able to pull off by himself, and that was moving Al Quieda from being a man in a group, to being a philosophy in a movement. Without America's help, that may never have happened."

An Aljazeera production, "The Intelligence War" follows the exploits of FBI and CIA attempts to track Bin Laden and the movement that followed him from Sept 11, 2001 until Bin Laden's assassination in 2011.

Throughout the film, the producers ask "A decade after September 11th, what do we know?" and finally answer themselves, "We know how America fought its intelligence war, we know how Al Queida fought back, but where the war on terror will lead in the next decade, is anyone's guess."

It's a main theme of the documentary. No one seems to know what will happen next, ever. Sure, sometimes you can learn what has happened already, putting things into context through spying, revealing footage, and key interviews, but who will do what, and for what reason, always seems to remain undecipherable as world events resolve themselves year after year.

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