Gaddafi: Our Best Villain(Politics)

Having ruled his northern African home through a complicated weave of force, subterfuge and cunning realpolitik since his "bloodless" coup in 1969, Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi's reign runs the gamut from social liberator, then terrorist, now statesman and finally back to oppressive dictator.

Undeterred, his final act on the global stage shows him unchanged and as defiant as ever in the face of the world:

"On the 19th of sept, 2009 Gaddafi followed President Obama in addressing the general UN assembly. Thanks to solid diplomatic support in the third world, his country would preside over the UN General Assembly for a year--the same UN that had placed him under embargo. Instead of the scheduled 35 minutes, Gaddafi monopolized the floor for one-and-a-half hours, and ended by tossing the UN charter aside. There was no formal diplomatic reaction to this insult. Seventeen months later, much to the surprise of the west, Gaddafi's regime was at the point of collapse. Realpolitik had led the west to believe that Gaddafi's regime would go on forever, and Gaddafi, convinced that his rapprochement with the west would guarantee his survival, underestimated the wrath of his own people. "

In light of the civil war waged in Libya since March 2011, and its culmination in the recent fall of Tripoli at the end of August 2011, here is a documentary which lays out the historical nature of that state's "former" leader, the infamous Colonel Gaddafi.

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