Living in the End Times: Slavoj Zizek(Philosophy)

A passionate thinker for modern Communism, Slavoj Zizek provides some thought-provoking alternative answers to a sampling of contemporary issues. And while perhaps this video is less a "documentary" than it is, in Zizek's own words, "a mouthpiece for my propaganda", within it can be found critiques of many of the issues, and even some of the footage, found in other documentaries in our Altdoc files, specifically in the Economics department (worth a very thorough perusal, we might add).

Commenting on issues such as the recent world recession, the rise of China as a global economic power, America's role in Afghanistan, and the significance of Berlesconi's political success in Italy, Zizec's enthusiasm for these topics is in high gear. Obviously thinking off the top of his head, and with an endearing brand of stumbling eloquence, he quickly breaks down common opinions and proposes practical analysis, the essence of which is summed up in the final 60 seconds. It goes something like this:

"All I am saying is that we are facing concerns which are confronting our commons (which is why I keep the word `communism'), and only a form of popular mobilization outside the state, and outside the market can do the job. ... my message to liberals is 'Are you aware that your own system, your own dynamic is generating this nationalist, popularist, potentially racist reaction, and that the only way to save what is worth saving in liberalism, in the sense of freedoms, solidarity and so on, ...is by a re-vitalized, more radicalized left. I think the future will be, to simplify to the utmost: Berlesconi, or the new left".

-Slavoj Zizec 2010.

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