"Stalingrad" is a dark and compelling documentary that captures the unfortunate realities of the worst in our human condition (or perhaps we should say "inhuman" condition; let's not spiral around cold, hard facts here). Through a blend of stark and honest interviews with survivors along with a mix of bleak archival footage, the film chronicles the traumatic turning point of German fortunes during the second World War, as "the city on the Volga" bears witness to one of those tragic and bloody affairs which always (always) seem to accompany the endeavours of dictators as they clash over land and ideology.

As the first-hand memories of this debacle fade into history and the participants grow old and die, those of us who remain ought to treasure this archive of stories left behind for us, as well as the film footage they heroically shot to offer proof that it all happened they way they say it did. Many thanks to BROADVIEW TV in association with ZDF for this three-part series, as it presents us with a first-hand account of what we must all strive never to repeat.

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