Food Matters(Health)

Filmmaker Robert Kenner has produced a provocative documentary which directly focuses on the idea that, with the right kind of foods, supplements, and detoxification processes, we can prevent, arrest, and even reverse chronic illnesses such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, and coronary disease. For the hypochrondriac alive and well in most of us, this comes as a most sublime, well-timed bit of hope, and the arguments presented within the film in favour of this theory are magnetic.

As an example, the movie discusses treating certain severe diseases--such as the dreaded, never-popular, forever-maligned Cancer Of The Anything--with Niacin (vitamin B3) and extremely high doses of vitamin C. It resurrects the apparently-underrated teachings of Linus Pauling, who had a body of work behind him correlating vitamin C ingestion to overall physical wellness. Astonishing how we, as paranoid, panacea-seeking humans, have never paused to really think that if we as a society were to actually not be sick, entire industries would topple altogether, causing the ruin of countless wealthy white men.

(NB: I cannot tell a lie--I was eating a scrumptious bag of Hot Tamales candy when I started watching this documentary. Three minutes in, I put the candy down and vowed to only eat local produce, consumed uncooked or, at most, lightly steamed. Ten minutes into the film, I resumed eating the candy in defiance of the curly-haired enthusiast clad in a homemade "RAW" T-shirt who self-righteously yelped in judgment of people who prefer to spend money on "rent! Or a car, or a home for their kids!", instead of glorious spirulina. Consider me the guinea pig, and yourself forewarned. -NB)

Take a look for yourself to see how the film provokes us to truly examine what we really are consuming...and also play a small game with yourself: see if you are capable of watching the entire doc without promising to completely overhaul your eating and lifestyle habits (no winners as of this posting). An eye-opening, informative film with some delightfully nonpareil characters throughout.

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