Botany of Desire(Health)

A study of four of the most common plants known to humanity, "Botany of Desire" reveals some interesting questions at the root of all natural phenomena: are we really, as we tend to think of ourselves, the highest achievement of life on Earth, changing nature to suit our needs? Or does nature always have the upper hand, no matter what we do? What, in fact, is the link between potatoes, tulips, apples and marijuana in our society, and do we domesticate them for our own uses, or do they take advantage of our attraction to their biologically- unique characteristics?

In his own words, the author and filmmaker puts it this way:

"Wouldn't it be interesting to look at our relationship to domesticated plants, from the perspective of the plants. Of course plants don't have consciousness or intention, but the act of using our consciousness to put ourselves in thier roots, or shoes, or whatever... helps us to see things from their vantage point. And when you do that, nature suddenly looks very different. We realize that we are in the web of nature, not standing outside it. These plants are mirrors in which we can see ourselves in a slightly different way, and, as much as this is a story about plants, it's also a story of human desire."

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