The Putin System (2007)(Biography)

For some of us at AltDoc, the name "Vladimir Putin" is basically synonymous with "James Bond", except for the fact that a) Putin is not a fictional character, and b) Putin resonates with far more fascinating ferocity and appeal than Ian Fleming's hack-by-comparison invention.

This documentary, originally shown on CBC's always-enjoyable "The Passionate Eye", tells us about Putin's rise to power, servitude to the KGB, and lifelong ambition to restore Russia to her former majesty after 70 years of oppressive Communist blundering. [NB: It would be disingenuous to claim that there is nothing appealing about the notion of Russia--at last pushed to her breaking point by a particularly heinous abomination--athletically rising to her hind legs and attacking the American Empire with all the force and resiliency she has quietly, purposefully stored up throughout the decades. It would simply not be accurate for us to say such a thing.]

Whatever your opinion of the inscrutable, possibly-extraterrestrial Putin, it borders on the impossible not to be intrigued by a man who can single-handedly combat forest fires in Ryazan or croon "Blueberry Hill" at a gala fundraiser with matching levels of determination and skill.

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