Hollywood and the War Machine (2010)(History)

It is rather unsettling to realize that we are apparently so inured to images of armed combat and violence in the movies that we rarely, if ever, pause for a moment to really consider the relationship that Hollywood might have to the US military. When watching the countless re-enactments of war that can be found in the movies, we hardly ever stop to wonder where, and how, producers were able to achieve such startingly authentic onscreen portrayals. From supplying uniforms to jargon to equipment to aircraft, the US military has greatly assisted Hollywood, and vice versa, in helping to promote their war agenda.

This documentary reveals the bizarre and steadfast connection that the movies and the military, two immense industries in the United States, have had since the First World War. (Were you aware, for instance, that when the vacuous Tom Cruise vehicle "Top Gun" was in theatres, the US Army set up recruiting stations in lobbies across the country?) It is anchored by an intense interview with three well-informed voices of artistic dissent, two of whom are major names in directing: unappealingly-moustachioed war veteran Oliver Stone, and chin-eschewing crusader Michael Moore. The third interviewee, fool-suffering genius Chris Hedges, is a brilliant writer whose eloquent turns of phrase translate seamlessly from print to speech. Together, the men successfully surmount their egos to give a sharp and intriguing look behind the symbiosis between Hollywood and the Pentagon.

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