The True Battle of Chernobyl: Uncensored (2006)(History)

The "greatest" nuclear accident in the history of the world occurred on April 26th, 1986. How it happened, and why it happened, are well-known technical details; however, we are only now beginning to understand WHAT happened nearly 25 years after it occurred. Details of the aftermath, as well as the current and ongoing impact of the disaster, are addressed in "The Battle of Chernobyl".

In light of the recent March 11th earthquake that has subsequently, and terrifyingly, threatened Japan's "state-of-the-art" Fukushima Power Plant (designed, we hasten to add, by the very American corporation General Electric, whose decades-old slogan needs to now be seriously reconsidered), we should perhaps take a moment to remember that our lessons form history, all the better to prepare ourselves for the future. Yet Chernobyl, in spite of its poisonously radioactive realities, also played a role in changing the world's opinion towards nuclear disarmament. This, too, is touched upon in this revealing, if not disturbing documentary.

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