The Perfect Vagina (2008)(Health)

I don’t know if one could take a closer look at vaginas.

(I'm sure there are many responses to that statement, but you have to admit, it's quite powerful as an opener)

"The Perfect Vagina" is an insightful film about yet another plastic surgery procedure that society accepts as being “necessary” or acceptable. It also raises two very legitimate questions: what, in fact, comprises a "perfect" vagina, and whose vaginal standards are women attempting to live up to? (In an unrelated aside, The Vaginal Standards would have been a fantastic riot grrrl band name circa 1992.) A third, and perhaps most depressing question, is: who are women getting this surgery for?

At any rate, be you a vagina-owner or a penis-haver, everyone should watch this film, because it will open up your eyes to how pathetically insecure and misguided with our priorities many of us really are. My only hope is that this wakes people up to the ludicrousness of such a procedure, and stops women from having plastic surgery on their vaginas.

That's really it.

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