Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lipitor, Cialis, Nexium(Health)

Some of us here at AltDoc have a very personal relationship with the culture of diagnoses that has become a key characteristic of modern-day western society. It seems as though any authentic emotional reaction to life's often disheartening curveballs is automatically treated as a disease, prompting physicians to prescribe unspeakable quantities of pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms of the "disorder" rather than demonstrate any interest in exploring the causes. While there are certainly individuals in legitimate need of medical treatment in order to live productive, healthy lives, the unquantifiable masses of people who take prescription drugs because they are told to is a terrifying epidemic of its own.

Rather than an official documentary, this is a five-part special on CBC's "The Nature Of Things", narrated by Canadian national treasure David Suzuki, and well worth your time if you are interested in developing any awareness of what seems to be an almost meticulously, malevolently-crafted movement to dose up the general public as a means of keeping it pliable and placid (we warned you we had personal ties to this topic). The court testimonials of people who lost loved ones to antidepressant-fueled suicides are particularly harrowing.

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