Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement()

I'd heard about this sort of plot, but hadn't ever watched a documentary. Always seemed a little far-fetched even for a world as mad as this one to eradicate 80% of humanity and enslave most of what's left.

This movie raises some pretty interesting points, and has some really good sections, though it's a little sensational and light on evidence for my taste. The filmmaker seems to spend too much time filming himself shouting like a madman at Bilderberg group attendees, and not enough on details and facts. Unfortunate, especially if the future of humanity relies on people taking this sort of thing seriously!

...however, if you have never heard of the New World Order, this might be a good introduction. It's rather like cliff-jumping in Australia with only the diving board at the local YMCA as your training ground, but go big or go home, as someone once said.

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