Man On Wire (L\'Homme Sur Le Fil) (2008)(Art)

It is impossible to imagine anyone illegally entering any major structure in the USA nowadays, much less hauling along enough gear to essentially perform a circus act around its exterior. This film can't help but make you wonder exactly what your own limits are, and to what lengths you would go to surpass them. Philippe Petit, who managed the unthinkable by beating all odds in order to walk across a tightrope stretched between the twin towers of the now-mythical World Trade Centre, somehow infuses the hoary old maxim "Follow your dreams" with a fresh meaning by successfully accomplishing his own. It is a riveting story and piece of film-making, particularly in light of the decade-old WTC disaster and the subsequent paranoia and security measures that have been enacted around the globe.

A beautiful and moving tale for myriad reasons--the individuals involved in the 1974 stunt who enthusiastically submit to interviews are, at times, brought to tears of incredulity during their reminiscences--and, to say the least, an inspiration.

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