Islam: Empire of Faith (2000)(Religion)

It is actually stunning to realize that many of us who live in western nations actually know next to nothing about Islam, or that our only knowledge of this incredible religion marinates in a tainted portrayal by many media outlets and entertainment sources (i.e. the Muslim as evil, scheming terrorist, a tragic archetype that has been enhanced within the last decade). The story of Islam is a fascinating one, and this film does the storytelling with all due reverence and accuracy; to gain a thorough understanding of this faith, this documentary necessitates your full attention rather than a cursory acknowledgment.

Adroitly narrated by the unmatched Ben Kingsley, "Empire of Faith" is a fantastic introduction to Islam for those who could benefit from a thorough explanation and depiction of something well worth being informed about, particularly given the many twisted interpretations that seem to be desperately trying to indoctrinate us.

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