Welcome To North Korea (2001)(Politics)

It's fairly easy to become obsessed with North Korea if you have spent any time doing even just a small bit of research on the place. A trip to the Demilitarized Zone back in 2007 rendered some of us here (okay, one of us here) at AltDoc a complicated mix of fascinated, repulsed, delighted, and frightened by what lay beyond the North Korean border, particularly when learning about the roots and history of the Korean war, and the decades-long pissing contest between two countries that could not have reaped such different outcomes of the battle: Seoul, located only an hour's drive south of the DMZ, is a blinkering, busy, brilliantly bright metropolis boasting of excess, enterprise, development, and indulgence. Meanwhile, just to the north, 24 million people on the same peninsula are reported to be devouring bark, clay, and vermin in order to simply make it through another terrifying, propaganda-fueled day.

Described as "a Stalinist theme park" and "a dictatorship par excellence" in Lonely Planet by various intrigued visitors, North Korea can arguably be described as the most mysterious, secretive, and unsettling country on earth; it is said that not even China, its closest ally both geographically and politically, really knows what goes on in this isolated nation where schoolchildren are taught four hours' worth of Kim Il-Sung's philosophy every day while attending classes.

This documentary, hopefully, will shed just a fraction of light on any questions you may have been harbouring about Kim Il-Sung's hermit kingdom of Juche...or perhaps just create several more questions, resulting in the sort of Pyongyang-infatuated haze our hapless Altdoc-er has shambled around in for much, much too long.

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