After Mein Kampf(History)

Top Doc Films describes this as:

"In this shallow combination of documentary and fiction, shocking footage of concentration camp survivors, dead bodies, Hitler’s rantings, German soldiers enthusiastically singing patriotic songs, and similar scenes of World War II are mixed with enacted film clips, such as a German soldier raping a woman — or worse. Even before the director asks the clearly spurious question of whether or not Hitler is really dead, many viewers might feel offended by the way in which the emphasis on bestiality and other crimes seems to take precedence over an honest or insightful approach to the inhumanity of the Nazi regime."

We would say it's also an excellent example of that incredible machine which was the wartime office of propaganda in Britain during the second world war; at the risk of sounding grotesque, it is very nearly inspiring in the way it uses language and imagery to program people's minds and indoctrinate society into an overt government agenda. "After Mein Kampf" could be regarded as a master in its own perverse genre, docsploitation (a genre we here at AltDocs just invented while typing this); and while it is so obviously silly and demented, it reflects in a weird and often frightening way, our own modern media. Fascinating, to say the very least.

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